Monday, March 12, 2012

Altars of Suffering

I have rejoined Altars of Suffering on drums and to commence this occasion,I have been permitted to upload our BADASS 2010 rehearsal.Horror obsessed Death/Thrash hell!

Tracks based on...

Tombs of the Blind Dead
Return of the Evil Dead
Cannibal Ferox
Virgin Witch
The Gates of Hell

This is a tape rip,just one track,so listen to the whole thing!

Altars of Suffering 2010 rehearsal

Scans coming soon...

Saturday, March 10, 2012


To clarify on our projects a bit more...

We are inspired by death,hate,perversion and suffering,not to mention lots of 80's and early 90's BM bands.

Our lyrics are based around existing and unborn apocrypha regarding the big three world religions.We explore,desecrate and retell the past,present and future to our heinous satisfaction.


Apochryphal Revelation plays Occult Black Death with 80's attitude.We formed in 2007 as a side project of Plague of Mankind and soon after Plague's initial demise in spring 2008,The Count,Nihil Terrorlord and myself began working on our first set list.It consisted of a largely primitive mixture of Greek and Nordic influences and we played several local shows during this time.Our violent songs had been appealing to us more,so as Nihil departed in summer 2009 we began to pursue a more "American" approach to Black Metal ala Profanatica,Demoncy,Von,Necrovore,Black Witchery and South American bands like early Sepultura,Sarcofago,Holocausto,Hadez,Masacre etc... Hexentoter Von Blackmoor joined on bass for a busy summer 2010,though no complete recording came of this lineup.We did play several small house shows,chaotic times indeed.Hexentoter Von Blackmoor departed and Prosatanos,our current bassist,joined and the core of the band was finally assembled.2011 has been spent composing several releases,which will be recorded and released as soon as humanly fucking possible.

Master's Curse is my solo project,raw fucking Black Metal in dedication to hate and death.Many of the "circles" of BM have influenced this project,from the BlazeBirth Hall,The Temple of the Fullmoon,Les Legiones Noires and others,yet I certainly understand releasing traditional,raw BM in 2012 is a challenging task,if one wants to have a reason to exist in a very over-saturated sub-sub-genre.I play this for myself and also am compelled to play this stuff right as a fuck off in a very lame time.

The Plague of Mankind saga is long and complicated,Hertz Holocausto will decide on Plagues behalf.

Foreverdark is the Count's band.I play drums and Prosatanos plays bass.We are refining our first set,vicious and aggresive Black/Thrashing Holocaust Metal ala Blood Fire Death meets Pure Holocaust.Stay tuned for more Foreverdark developments.

None of our projects are or ever will be politically inclined,right or left.Fuck off.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Since lineups have changed quite a bit in the past 2 years,here is a compilation of songs from bands associated with Ancient Terror.

1-5:Apochryphal Revelation

Sorceror's Oath rehearsal sample 2012
Father,Son,Holy Spirit 2011
Sermon on the Mount 2010
Invocation of Samael 2010
Apochryphal Revelation 2008

6+7:Master's Curse

A Cry For War
Recorded May 2011 in 2 days on broken bones and pure hate.

These tracks are unmixed full length songs from the upcoming self titled Master's Curse Cd/tape.

8-11:Plague of Mankind

Unholy Rites of Passage/Searching For the Full Moon
Black Medieval Torture
Satan's Metal

Ancient Terror Compilation

More uploads may follow,time will tell.


Some pictures associated with us...

The old Apochryphal Revelation logo

The First Lineup

The Second Lineup

The Current Lineup

The early Foreverdark logo,the Count's band.

The Master's Curse logo

A picture of myself to be used in reference with Master's Curse

The first handmade demo,all copies were different.Not for public consumption.

Live Ritual Flyer

Plague of Mankind/Apochryphal Revelation:Rituals of Blasphemy cassette,2009,Husk Records,limited to 66

Picture of these tapes.

Plague of Mankind Art

Plague of Mankind live lineup 2008

Plague of Mankind live 2008


I am restructuring this page for a more "professional" approach.Uploads and other curses will be conjured in time.